Say Goodbye To The Nursery And Create A Bedroom Your Young Child Will Love

One of the responsibilities of being a parent is creating a nice home for your children to grow up in. Everyone wants to bring their kids up in a pleasant environment; one that enables them to thrive and feel comfortable too. This can sometimes mean taking various safety measures when they are young, such as a safety gate on the top of the stairs, for example. But it also means creating them a room of their very own. In your child’s eyes, their bedroom will be the most important part of the house. It is where they will spend a lot of their time playing, and the first place they will show off should they have friends over. Having a space to call their own is very important to the developing child, as it gives them their first taste of independence. So how can you, as the one who is buying, put together a bedroom that you know your child will love?


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Kids don’t tend to be bothered at all about the functionality of a room – they are purely interested in how it looks. First things first: don’t go too overboard with the decor. Children’s tastes change rapidly as they grow up, and a style they love at 4 may have completely changed by the time they reach their 6th birthday. Redecorating every year or so can cost a lot of money, so try and do it on a budget. That way, when you do have to change it up, you won’t feel as though you have just wasted a lot of money. Keep the walls neutral and brighten up with stickers and pictures – after all, your little girl isn’t going to love pink forever! Buy them some cute accessories such as a funky lampshade or a wall clock – all are little details that can really help bring together the ‘look’ of a room.


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Soft furnishings

When your child is upgraded from a crib to a bed, it is a very exciting time for them – almost a rite of passage, if you will. Make the most of the big occasion by presenting them with a brand new bed. This will probably be the most expensive thing you get for the room, but remember that it is an investment and it will last for a good few years at least. Ensure you make it comfy for them with a duvet. You might find yourself asking ‘What’s a duvet?’. It is just another word for a down comforter, and means they’ll be warm in every season. Plus, you can accessorize the bed with cushions and throws.

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Educational materials

Your child’s bedroom should be somewhere they can come to relax. But when kids are young, they are always learning, whether they realize it or not. If your child has a naturally inquisitive mind, encourage this by placing educational yet fun tools in their room! Blackboard paint is great for them to scribble on, and stock up their bookcase with plenty of texts to help them with their reading journey. Even old-school products such as an abacus can be a great addition – and if they don’t use it, at least it looks good!

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