Sick Of Leather: Know It For A Better Purchase

If you are after luxury furniture, leather should be high in your list. After all, the material alone bespeaks of luxury, elegance, and style. This is on top of the comfort that goes with leather sofas, loveseats, and sectionals. And there is still the durability aspect to boast of.

The Advantages of Leather

  1. Probably the most significant one is the prestige that it conveys. The presence of furniture made of leather in one’s home or office will give the impression that the owner is of high social standing, either wealthy or sophisticated or both.
  2. Maintenance is a breeze. Wiping it regularly with a damp cloth is oftentimes enough. Should you want added protection, a stain protector may be in order.
  3. It will last for years. Leather is known for its durability. And it is tear and puncture resistant. Good quality leather can also last longer than you think, but of course with proper care and maintenance.
  4. The leather on sofas, loveseats, and sectionals follows the contours of your body, but retains its shape. These kinds of seats are ideal for everyone especially with those with back problems. Having that kind of quality makes it comfortable to sit on, and since it does not get out of shape its beauty remains.

Choosing Your Leather Furniture

One advantage of leather furniture is that it is easy to match with other furniture designs. If it is a leather sofa or sectional that you are considering, you can make it the centerpiece of your living room and add other pieces of furniture to enhance it. Or you can have a leather recliner or club chair sit unobtrusively in a corner of the room adding a touch of class.

Regardless of your design intention, the important factor to consider is the amount of space available. There is no point in considering sectionals, if the allocated space is only good for a loveseat. Even if you are contemplating on a relatively small leather recliner, there should be adequate space in front and at the back to allow the backrest to recline and the leg support to elevate. So before deciding on which furniture to buy, measure the area on which the furniture will be placed.

Your budget will have a significant impact on your options. The sectionals and reclining sofas are likely to be the most expensive. The quality of the leather as well as the frame will also dictate on the price. When considering the cost, shipping should also be included. Given the size of most leather furniture, it is unlikely that you can stash it in your hatchback.

Especially when you are buying sofas, loveseats, and sectionals, it is best to actually sit on them and determine how comfortable they really are. It is similar to buying a pair of shoes. The design should suit your body type. What may be deemed comfortable for some may not be to others.

Furniture made of leather will definitely add to the elegance of your home or office. It may be more expensive, but it is worth the investment.

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  1. Anne @ GreenEggs&Moms says

    I love item #2 about leather – oh how easy clean up is indeed! Nothing can be better for a busy and harried mom than a little damp cloth wiping to clean up whatever mess was left by the little ones.

  2. Yeah, the only thing I may probably complain of leather sofa is during cold weather, the first time you sit on it is malamig! LOL

    Spanish Pinay

  3. Calcolatrice online says

    I don’t know, I’ve never been a big fan of leather sofas. They are kind of slippery, feel cold in winter and hot in summer… But I have to admit that if you buy a high quality one, they can be extremely durable!

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