Single Moms and Car Repairs

Being without a man in your life does have its pitfalls.  You hit bumps in the road, literally, and you get your car battery inevitably jiggled out of its consoles.  That’s what happened to me just recently, and I have to admit, I was as clueless as a nun in a strip club.  If I had a husband or boyfriend on call, the problem would’ve been diagnosed and fixed in a jiffy, but such is not the case with me.

Going back to the jiggled battery incident, it turns out that was the reason my car just wouldn’t start on that fateful morning on my way to work.  I had to resort to taking public transport that day, and later that evening, contacted my male cousin to have a look at the problem.  It didn’t take long for him to see what was wrong.  That saved me a trip to the car mechanic.

About a week after, I noticed that my car AC system was no longer blowing cold air.  I thought, I was the only one HOT, but so was my car.  Anyway, I drove around, looking for a somewhat reliable car shop which specialized in car air-conditioning.  Lo and behold, I found one nearby, and just boldly drove up there.  One of the guys said to first test something, and that might mean having to change a part.  I didn’t have the faintest idea of what he was saying, but I just played along, pretending I understood.   So, I comfortably seated myself in a corner of their shop as two men worked away on my car.  It took a good 3 hours before they told me everything was ok.  We tested the AC, and it felt good to have cold air blowing in my face again.

I have always been baffled by the concept of car repairs.  Yes, I do know how to turn on the ignition and drive, but that’s about all I know about automobiles.  When I look under the hood, it’s almost as if I’m looking at an entirely different quadrant of the galaxy.

My advice to women out there:  Ask around for referrals for car repair shops.  If you have the time, try to educate yourself on the topic.  There are a number of websites on car systems and repair which can make you more confident when it comes to the various facets of car care.


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  1. oh, how i wish i know how to drive… i’m very panicky when it comes to driving, even when i’m a passenger.. dropping by!

  2. I’m lucky I have a husband) but I think every girl got a friend to whom you can always ask for help

  3. I could not agree more with your advice! A ton of women find themselves in the same situation as you, but unfortunately do end up getting taken advantage of because they take their automobile to the wrong auto repair shop. Thank you so much for this post, many people can learn from this.

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  4. It such great article it was which jiggled battery incident, it turns out that was the reason the car just wouldn’t start on that way to work. Indeed in car repair women should have contacts for shops which help them in trouble along the road. Thanks for sharing this article.


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