Styling Tips for Busy Moms Who Want to Look Classy


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Moms are not just caregivers to their children but also their role models. Being a mom is not an easy task as it requires loads of responsibilities in managing the house, taking care of the kids and their demands and caring for the spouse, and that often leaves us feeling and looking messy or overworked.

When going out, moms have numerous commitments like attending their kid’s school events, meeting clients if they run a business or meeting their boss or friends for lunch, which all call for a decent look.

Studies have proven that looking your best to make a good first impression makes one more persuasive, confident and successful. While being a role model isn’t just about the looks, the way you present yourself does have an effect on the way your growing children view you as to them the world often is how it seems.

Yet achieving a classy look on a tight schedule is possible as looking beautiful can be achieved through organization, and for moms, if they make a little effort to apply the following tips.

  1. Unclutter the unnecessary. Having many unworn clothes in your closet is just a nuisance that you don’t want as it comes in the way of you looking classy and stylish. Instead, rid yourself of those things which you haven’t worn in the past year. The clothes that you should have in your closet should be season appropriate, of good quality and condition and with a great fitting. It’s even better if they go with other clothes that you have. It’s all about quality over quantity.


  1. Don’t run after trends. Contrary to popular beliefs, trends are less stylish than classic pieces. Yes, they can be fashionable, but often they are made for women who look young and college going. If you feel that latest trends go with your personality and you are able to actually correctly pull them off then go for it, but if you desire a more mature, expensive and elegant look, leave them for your teenage daughter.


  1. Wear the right pants. Be it denim, formal trousers or any fabric, for mothers, a high rise pant where the button sits at the navel with a flat front, will work the best. It will help conceal any bulgy love handles or tummy while lifting the butt and making the legs look longer. Skinny and cigarette styles are the best! Anything paired with sleek pants will look sharp, even if it’s a tank top, as compared to slouchy sweats.


  1. Say no to sloppy shoes. Moms are always seen in ugly wide sandals, flimsy flip flops or dirty sneakers, but this look is not going to make you look classy. Wearing shoes takes no time at all, so just buy some chic looking oxfords, pretty ballet flats or stylish sandals with nice details.



  1. Make uniforms. Divide your main activities into two or three sections and the kind of outfits they demand like semi-formal, formal and glamorous. Then designate clothes to each style according to the activity. A uniform should work on most occasions and will save you ample time once you organize that way. Also do the same with your accessories like hats, scarfs, jewelry, shoes and handbags.


  1. Find your signature pick me up. It’s important that every lady has a signature that she always goes to, to primp up her look. It could be a favorite hairstyle, deep colored lipstick, a fresh perfume or a sassy piece of jewelry. For older moms, empowering handbags, pearls, elegant sunglasses and a sleek manicure could be that perfect go to. Whatever it is, your signature pick me up is sure to put a smile on your face when you leave the house.


Since it’s a new year, it’s not too late to have some real fashion resolutions that would help you become a new you. The kind of you that is confident and proud to be herself. The kind of you that can go from being a mom of two to a street stunner in quality dressing with just a swish of her hair.


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