My Battery-Operated Friend

If I lived back in the day when people lived in caves and hairy-chested men walked around with clubs, I probably would be a nervous wreck- not because the mere sight of their leaf-covered genitals would send shivers down my spine, but because the absence of baby-monitoring devices in that era would simply not put my mind at ease.

After the initial euphoria of learning that I was pregnant fizzled out, I started feeling a wave of nervousness, as if I were a hopeful 16-year old at an American Idol audition.  I spent a lot of time reading up on baby care, and came across the topic of SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  It’s when a baby under one year of age suddenly dies in his sleep.

When well-wishers asked me about what I wanted as a baby shower gift, I didn’t think twice about asking for a baby monitor.  I sure didn’t want to stay up all night to watch my baby as she slept, so I decided to take advantage of whatever technology was out there.  My aunt from the US sent me the angelcare ac401, and I must say, it stayed true to its name and did its job of being a heaven-sent angel to my baby girl.

What the angelcare monitor does is it detects the slightest movement from your baby- even while she’s asleep.  If it doesn’t detect any movement for 20 seconds, it will set off an alarm for you to check on your baby.

At first, I was intimidated by the monitor, but after my hubby and I carefully read the manual, operating it was a piece of cake.  We put the sensor pad under the mattress, right in the center.  Since the crib had wooden slats underneath, we put a stiff board under the pad, because it works best on a solid surface.

What I especially liked about the angelcare monitor is it allows you to set it to detect sound only, movement only, or both.  You can even choose whether to have the “tic” sound on or not.  I noticed that it detects even the slightest movement under a thick mattress, but it’s not overly sensitive to non-baby movements.

There are baby monitors, and then there are baby monitors, but there is just nothing quite like angelcare.  It gave both my baby and me a peaceful and restful sleep.