Angry Moms

I can see it all too clearly… Moms heads superimposed on those birds’ rounded faces with knit brows and yellow beaks, catapulted into the air from a slingshot in an attempt to topple three other angry moms on top of poles.  Honestly, I still don’t get the mechanics behind the game, but the fact that my daughter’s highly amused by it amuses me as well.  And imagining my face on one of those Angry Birds leaves me grinning from ear to ear.

Angry Moms… a game like that would be the most downloaded, I presume.  Moms all over will be able to relate to it.  I am one such mom whose temper rises on occasion, and I’m far from happy whenever that happens.

It ticks me off whenever my daughter disobeys me, or answers back.     I feel like jumping off the window of our building while crying “Geronimo!”  Am I missing something, or are kids today just really different?  Do I blame myself or society for what they are turning into?  Sometimes I feel she’s a time bomb waiting to explode.  Angry Kids is more like it, I guess.

When I feel like I’m about to boil over, I try to practice those techniques I’ve read about for the past years or so.  Counting to ten while breathing deeply does work for me.  It helps calm me down as I reassess the situation.

I get out.  If we’re at home, I leave her for a while and go to the next room.  I try to gather my senses together and hold an emergency meeting with my sanity.

I keep a picture of her as a baby close by.  When I feel my blood pressure about to rise to the top of the Billboard Top 20 charts, I pull out her old baby photos from my drawer and look at them.   I’m reminded of the cute baby I brought into this world, and my anger just melts away.

We moms- and dads- are only human.  We get angry, we cry, we feel frustrated at times.  What’s important is we’re true to how we feel, and we just get over it after a while.

How about you? How do you handle things when you get angry with your kids?