The Antibiotic Cocktail: When Too Much is Too Bad

How many times have we seen doctors hand out antibiotics like they were cocktails at an after-dinner party?   Ages ago, our forefathers had no other recourse but to weep and bear it whenever they were struck by some life-threatening disease such as pneumonia and tuberculosis.  But now that we have been blessed to live in this day and age of antibacterials, we tend to misuse them.  Instead of saving lives, they sometimes do us more harm than good when we take them like candy.

Some of us have made it a habit to take antibiotics at the slightest hint of a cold or cough.  This is evidence of misuse, as studies show that when we take antibiotics and other prescription drugs unnecessarily, bacteria become all the more resistant to them.  Also, if we take the same antibiotic for a recurring infection, over time, the body becomes resistant to the medicine’s benefits.

When you take too much antibiotics, you stand to lose the good bacteria from your body as well, as antibiotics can’t distinguish between the good and the bad.  Antibiotics destroy even the good bacteria, so you become more exposed to further infection.   Taking a probiotic supplement is recommended to help augment this.  It’s best to take it on an empty stomach at least three hours from your antibiotic intake.

Antibiotics are still undeniably effective in curing diseases, but if we wish to rely on their efficacy, we’ll have to treat them with respect, and not abuse them.