Turn a Kitchen Into a Dining Kitchen

High on many people’s home wish lists is a kitchen diner, but what if you’re not blessed with a spacious kitchen in which to put a large dining table?

No matter how small your kitchen, it’s perfectly possible to add a dining space if you think creatively. Here are some fantastic space-saving solutions to turn your kitchen into a dining kitchen with ease:

Breakfast Bar

The classic breakfast bar is usually easy to install, and the addition of a couple of bar stools can quickly create a usable space to eat. This range of bar stools at ASDA are a fantastic buy on clearance at the moment, helping you to keep the cost of your kitchen conversion as low as possible. They also take up next to no space, slot neatly away under a breakfast bar, are height adjustable and come in several colours including red, green and black.

A simple breakfast bar is usually easy to install. Simply extend your worktop, or take out an existing cupboard to make space for stools to fit underneath. You can even buy stand alone breakfast bars if you don’t want one that is integral to your kitchen.

Cupboard Breakfast Bar

If you can’t afford to lose any cupboard space, you could instead have a slightly wider worktop fitted so that the bar stools can still fit underneath. Whatever the style and colour scheme of your kitchen you’ll find stylish bar stools to suit at ASDA Direct, like the Crescent Bar Stool in blue, pink, purple, silver, red and black.

Bistro Table

A space to eat doesn’t have to be huge. Sometimes a bistro or bar table will suffice, and these small, circular tables make an ideal dining space for one or two in apartments or small homes.

Choose a clear glass topped style to maximise space even more, with small bar stools that will fit neatly underneath.

Drop-Down Table

Where space really is too tight to mention, consider a wall-mounted drop-leaf table. This table folds flat to the wall when not in use, and is ideal for using with foldaway chairs, for a dining space that practically disappears when it’s not needed.

Extendable Table

If you have a small space for a dining table but don’t want to spoil the spacious look of your kitchen, an extendable table is a good choice. This can then be extended when in use, but kept compact the rest of the time.

Those who regularly have guests around for dinner can keep foldaway chairs in the utility room, store cupboard or garage, ready to be brought out when the occasion arises.

If you’re still struggling to see how you can fit a usable dining space in your kitchen, grab some home magazines from the newsagents or library for inspiration. You’ll also find the internet to be an ever-useful resource when hunting for design and space saving ideas – try BBC Homes, Channel 4 Homes and pinterest to get you off to a good start.