Just Beautiful: Boracay

Powdery-white sand, clear, blue waters, fresh seaside air….despite the advent of technology and urban development, a slice of paradise still does exist…and it’s an island called Boracay.

My daughter and I just got back from a 3-day trip there. It was her first out-of-town trip, and I must say, she enjoyed it so much. The plane trip for her was like a theme park amusement ride. I was impressed at how maturely she handled her fear. As the plane took off and landed, she just firmly held my hand while singing and laughing.

Hotel Soffia is a good place to stay, if like me, you prefer to keep away from the main hubbub of activity at the beachfront of Boracay. The resort we stayed in was atop a mountain, so the breeze was invigorating, and the view… simply breathtaking.

Need I say more about the beach? The beauty of the surroundings speaks for itself. It is a testament to God’s marvelous creation. Although Boracay can get somewhat crowded, we still managed to find a fairly private spot on the beach, where I was fearless enough to wear a two-piece bathing suit. I sneakily snuck away from the intrusive cameras of the (imaginary) paparazzi that kept following me closely wherever I went. I was immensely entertained as I watched my daughter and her friend make castles in the sand.

The food was sheer bliss. We picked out our grub from a wide array of fresh seafood, and then had them cooked the way we wanted. My daughter wolfed the food down like there was no tomorrow.

More than anything, I enjoyed spending precious time with her in such a beautiful island. It was the closest thing to heaven on earth. The memory will forever be etched in our hearts.
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