Life-Coping Strategy: Being Happy

Have you ever noticed that the more you look so hard for something, the more it eludes you?  Yes, I’m talking about those pair of eyeglasses you’ve been searching high and low for, nearly turning the house upside down, only to find them hanging around your neck.  We often forget to realize that the very thing we look for is right under our nose.  The same holds true with happiness, I guess.

Man is on the endless quest for happiness.  We all long for that fairy tale ending, the happy ever after.  We want to experience all the good things in life, with nary a thread of pain or discomfort.  For most of us though, no matter how hard we look, we just can seem to find happiness.

As we know, life isn’t at all pleasant.  An author once said, “Life is difficult”.  Day in, day out, life oh so cruelly hurls all sorts of challenges at us, that sometimes all we can really do is duck.  So, how can we possibly find that pot at the end of the rainbow amidst all this turmoil?  Is being happy just a myth, then?  Will we ever find the key to lasting happiness?

The answer lies not outside, but within.  In order to really be happy, we should simply stop looking for it, and realize that it is inside of us.  That sense of wellness is something that’s been inside of us all along, just waiting to be discovered.  You have to pull it out from your innermost being, and once unleashed, make it grow and flourish.

How can we bring out happiness from within us, then?  What we can do is take some time to count our blessings.  Yes, it’s being thankful for your long, shiny hair, your healthy kids, and the people who love you.

Happiness is that extra whipped cream on your coffee, the warm sun kissing your cheeks, it’s seeing your baby walk for the first time.  Being happy is all about finding joy in the smallest of things.

God made us out of love, and when He did, He made sure to plant inside of us the seeds for happiness.  Now it’s up to us to bring them into fruition.

I thought I couldn’t write a blog post on happiness if I tried.  But I guess, I just did…