Smells Like Teen Californication

From the title alone, you may have guessed that I’m having another one of those Marty McFly-ish Back to the Future attacks.  Well, yes, you guessed right.  Not only am I having my dose of Nirvana and Red Hot Chili Peppers on this quiet evening, but I’m also feeling a wave of gratitude come over me.   Something that’s reason to be all grateful is the fact that today is my blogging anniversary.

I never thought I’d reach this milestone.  I have this undesirable habit of giving up quite easily at the slightest hint of discomfort, so getting this far in blogging is a huge accomplishment for me.

Thanks are in order here, so let me start off with a big “thank you” to Mye of Mye De Leon Digital Scrapbook Designs (a digiscrapping website you might be interested in) for showing me the ropes in blogging.  More than helping set things up for me, she also designed this blog.  Special thanks also go out to Kaye of  She did the hardcore coding for this blog, so without her, everything will just be one huge, pepperrific mess.  Bloggers Jade and Fedhz each get heartfelt thanks as well, for without them, my paypal account would run on empty.  They keep me afloat with writing assignments and bits of advice on love and life.

Apologies if I don’t have a special giveaway for my blogsversary.  All I have to giveaway are huge thanks and love to all of you who keep reading this blog.  Wet kisses go out to you!

Let me wrap up this Academy Award acceptance speech (yes, this evening gown is killing me!) by saying that my inspirations (wow, I never thought you could pluralize “inspiration”) for this blog are my precocious daughter and Mr. Significant Other.  It is because of them that my life is pepperrific.