The Fish That Got Away…

I swear that I’m going to puke if somebody tells me, “there’s lots of fish in the ocean”.  Sure, there’s a whole garden variety of swimmy creatures out there, but what if I want just this one fish?  What if I’ve got my whole head wrapped around this one fish that complements me?

Love and relationships are a huge mess.  Love is quick sand disguised as a beautiful meadow.  You fall in, you fall out.  You make promises, you break them.  Sorry for the jaded view, but seemingly I have no luck in the love department.

Tempting as it is to listen to a string of Barry Manilow break up songs, I won’t.  It’ll only bury me deeper in misery.  Where I am right now, it couldn’t possibly get any deeper.

I’m looking desperately for the light at the end of this tunnel.  I wish I can just fall asleep and wake up weeks after and feel better.