Tips On Choosing Cargo Pants for Women

I used to consider myself lucky because at the university I went to when I was in college, we pretty much had the freedom to wear what we wanted to school.  On most days, I’d trot to my classroom in plain shorts.  On better days- especially whenever I wanted my hot classmate to notice me- I’d take extra time to look good.  I’d pull out whatever slivers of fashion sense I had inside me, and come up with an eye-catching ensemble.   There’s one fashion piece which has never failed me then: womens cargo pants.

At the mere mention of the words “cargo pants”, images of workpants with pockets all over the place come to mind.  But they have come a long way, and are now an indispensable part of a woman’s wardrobe.

These cargo pants meant for fashion are usually made of linen, or cotton-nylon blends, and they come in a wide range of designs.  Since not all cargo pants are created equal, it makes perfect sense to consider several factors when picking out your very own pair.

Check that the fit and length of the cargo pants are appropriate for your body type.  Opt for pants with a lower cut waist, if you don’t want to emphasize your bulging belly.  Be sure it isn’t too tight though, or else you’ll end up with a dreadful muffin top.

If you are bottom heavy, stay away from the skinny type of pants.  Go instead for cargo pants with a straight or wider leg.  This helps balance out the hips.

Cargo pants for women will always be indispensable, as they provide both style and functionality for the wearer.  Choose a pair that works for you, and you’ll get that comfort and confidence you need whether you’re seriously at work, or hell-bent on flirting with that hunk seated next to your office cubicle.