I Heart Chef’s Uniforms

Let it be known that I have this secret fantasy of being a cast member of The Kitchen Musical.  I may not have been blessed with outstanding culinary prowess, but I believe that I’d look cute dancing around in a long sleeve chefs uniform.  What endears me to the show is not only their choice of music, but also their fascinating uniforms.

I hope this does not in any way classify me as weird, but I do enjoy feasting my eyes on cooks in chef whites.  It’s not a fetish, let me be clear on that.  I just feel there is a certain air of dignity that comes with a chef’s pants, robe and toque (I only found out recently that that’s the name for the tall hat they wear!).

Chefs do wear their uniforms with pride, as it signifies the hard work and training they have gone through to earn the right to be called a chef.  Gordon Ramsay in his short sleeve chefs uniform has the privilege of breathing down the contestants’ necks on Hell’s Kitchen because of his culinary expertise.

It’s important for them to wear these in order to project an image of cleanliness and professionalism in whatever restaurant they work for.  In most restaurants, customers are able to view the chefs at work right from their dining table, so they should look professional, even as they’re slicing and dicing away.

A chef’s uniform isn’t all about image though, as there is a lot of functionality to it.  The double-breasted jacket can be turned inside out just in case it gets too many stains on it.  And the extra cottony layer of the jacket itself helps protect the chef from extreme heat from the stove.  Even the houndstooth pattern on their pants helps conceal stains.

I may be no Rachael Ray, but I do hope to one day don a uniform befitting a bona fide chef.