Single-Parent Kids Anonymous?

On one of those crazy afternoons when it would rain cats and dogs one minute and be all sunny the next, I found myself in the company of a long-time friend.  We were talking about Ryan Seacrest’s sexual orientation when we suddenly jumped to the topic of kids of single parents.

What was initially a cheery conversation turned sour as she began to say how being a child of a single parent was akin to being a child with special needs.  I wanted so bad to punch her in the nose.  She said that such kids needed to be in a support group.  She made it seem as if they were suffering from some type of addiction.

We single parents fight tooth and nail just to give our kids the best.  We try our hardest to provide for all their needs- physical, mental, emotional, etc.  Oh, the nerve of some people to say that our kids are children of a lesser god.

Of course the ideal setup for any child would be to grow up with both a mother and father, but in this day and age, that isn’t always possible.  Circumstances happen, and the child is sometimes inevitably left with just one of her parents.  It was almost as if my friend wanted me to stalk the man behind the nearest Starbucks outlet and take him as my new husband.

Raising a kid alone is difficult, but it is feasible.  For the past number of years, children growing up in single parent homes are becoming a dime a dozen, and they emerge from their nests successful and with a lot to show the world.

Maybe a support group for us single parents would be more in order.  What do you think?