Mommy Matters: Why I Joined a Credit Union

One of the blessings which I am most thankful for are the friends I have from all over the globe.  Although I’d have to swim the seven seas just to give them a handshake, they’re always there for me when it comes to matters of the heart- and even with financial advice.

There’s this one friend in particular who introduced me to the idea of joining a Workers Credit Union, and I have never looked back since then.

I decided to switch from my previous bank last year because I was so tired of rising fees and mediocre customer service. I banked with a large chain bank, and I did not feel that the company cared about our financial needs. I was researching other banks when my friend suggested Workers Credit Union.

I really did not know much about Workers Credit Union or credit unions in general, but I thought that it was worth researching. When I called Workers Credit Union for information, I was immediately impressed with the high level of customer service that I received. I spent almost a half hour on the phone with a friendly, professional associate who made me feel like my time and business were valued. She patiently answered all of my questions.

People in my friend’s area, for instance, are fortunate to have a credit union Massachusetts residents can trust. It is not easy to find good customer service today, and I cannot say enough good things about the staff members at Workers Credit Union.

I am a satisfied member of Workers Credit Union, and I wish I would have left my previous bank a long time ago. I have never been so pleased with a financial institution. I do all of my daily banking at the credit union, and I also recently took out an automobile loan at a great rate.  How’s that for a merry Christmas?