Dating guide for single moms

Photo credit: Google Images

Everybody deserves to be happy, and single mothers are no exception to this. Oftentimes, we pour all our energies into taking care of our kids, that we forget the very person we should first take care of- ourselves. Looking for love the second, or even third, time around is something we should add to our to-do list. I don’t mean parading yourself online or at the nearest club on Saturday nights. Just be open to the possibility of finding love anew, and giving yourself a dose of that Zac Efron – Vanessa Hudgens (okay, they’ve broken up already!) love euphoria. A few simple rules to keep in mind when diving into the dating pool again:

Be happy. Bury all that emotional baggage. If you have a positive aura about you, you will attract men like a magnet attracts iron fillings.
Honesty is still the best policy. If the guy you’re going out with was introduced by a common friend, chances are, he already knows about your status. But if you just met by chance, don’t give him a rundown of your life history over the first cup of latte. Just let him know that you’re a single mom, so as not to throw him off-guard.

When you’re on a date, try to restrain yourself from talking too much about your kids. Immerse yourself in the moment, enjoy your date’s company. If you must say something about your kids, keep it down to five minutes tops.

Don’t feel guilty. Remember, you have to get out there and enjoy yourself too. You deserve to be made to feel special too. You don’t always have to be the giver of affections and care. Sometimes, it helps to be on the receiving end. Ultimately, your kids will benefit from your newfound positive outlook.