Cycles: Mom’s Best Friend

Show me a mom who wants her baby to get rashes all over his tender baby skin, and I’ll give you a million dollars.  In this part of the universe, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll find a mother who finds Quotes for Mother’s Day really inspiring, and yet dreams of having her precious little bundle of joy subjected to all forms of skin disease and stomach upset.  Moms would do anything and everything just to make sure that every object her baby puts in his mouth passes her standards of sanitation.  One such product which does the job is Cycles laundry detergent.

Before you pass this off as another product review, well, don’t!  I was fortunate enough to try Cycles out, and was pleasantly surprised to find how it doesn’t irritate my daughter’s sensitive skin.   Her skin tends to break out when I use regular detergent to wash her clothes, so Cycles has proven to be an answered prayer.

But wait, there’s more! (Yes, I just had to do that in my best infomercial voice!).

Another product sample which came in the mail is Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleaner.  It’s a dishwashing liquid which is perfectly safe for babies because it’s made of plant extracts.  It may be mild and gentle on your baby, yet it is tough on milk and food residue and foul odors from feeding bottles and nipples.  I promised an expectant mom I’d give this to her as a gift, and she was delighted to hear that such a product exists.

If you’re a mom who puts a premium on your baby’s health- and I’m pretty sure you are- do give these products a try.  They’ll help put your mind at ease.  And then you can attend to your other motherly duties.