Mother-Daughter Adventures: The African Safari

As a kid, I remember being a huge fan of the Choose Your Own Adventure series.  You know, those chapter books where you get to choose how the story ends.  I would be so wrapped up in it, that I’d pause only for bathroom breaks.

Now that I’m a full-grown, Chaka Khan- inspired- I’m-every-woman kind of girl, I would like to dip my fingers in a different kind of adventure- the real kind!  I’d like to share an extraordinary type of adventure with the love of my life- my daughter.

The first thing that comes to mind is an African safari.  What could be more exciting than witnessing wild animals in their natural habitat?  My daughter loves going to the zoo, so a safari will be an entirely new experience for her.  I can almost imagine the adrenaline rush go through her as she strokes a baby elephant.

I thought that all safaris were the same, but apparently they’re not.  There are all sorts of safaris- guided safaris, walking safaris, river safaris, etc.  What will be perfect for my daughter and me would have to be the family safari.

South Africa, Tanzania and Kenya are the best destinations for a family safari.  The people here are particularly skilled at making sure that safaris are safe and fun for both parents and children.

With a family safari, I wouldn’t have to worry about my daughter’s short attention span, as the people in charge provide for other activities such as crafts, or even biking or canoeing.  There are also crafts for kids to do, if and when they feel like taking a break.  The learning never stops.

Oh, I can feel my fingers tremble with excitement as I search online for family holidays with Life is one huge adventure, and I want to go on it with nobody else but my daughter.  Toto’s song, Africa, is playing in my head now…