Top 3 Ways to Find Love

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Yes, I’m singing to an old U2 tune. I couldn’t help but have that song play over and over in my head as my daughter and I were fervently looking for Easter eggs at an Easter egg hunt we went to yesterday. This reminds me of another thing which men and women alike keep looking for (aside from money)…LOVE!
We search high and low, near or far, but oftentimes, our efforts turn out to be another exercise in futility. The last thing on our minds is to end up growing old alone. What use is a talent in playing the guitar if you have nobody to play for, right? Exactly what must we do to find love?
• Ask to be introduced. This is where your network of friends comes in handy. Sure, Facebook is convenient, but it’s more important to get out there for some face-to-face human contact. Sometimes, if you don’t take some action, it just will never happen. Your friends know you well enough to find you a suitable match, but don’t take it out on them if things don’t work out.
• Steer clear of friends who might bring you down. We attract from the universe what we put into it, so if we go out there with a negative attitude about finding love, we just might succeed at never finding it. If you keep spending your weekends with your group of single, man-hater girlfriends, chances are, you’ll end up like them.
• Stop looking. Hasn’t it happened many times, that you’ve been looking all over for your glasses, only to find it hanging around your neck? Sometimes, the one thing we keep searching long and hard for has just been sitting right under our nose the whole time.
Finding love…well, at least real and lasting type, is never easy. There will be hits and misses along the way, but that’s all part of the ride. We fall, we get bruised, we get back up. Just as it says in the famous poem Desiderata: “whether or not it is clear to us, the universe is unfolding as it should”…