Humour in Parenting!

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photo credit: Sean Molin Photography via photopin cc

When you sit down to write a blog you need to be sure that you have something to say.  On my parenting blog, I always try to do just that, from the mother’s point of view.  However, getting a touch of humour into the writing is not easy, no matter how funny parenting can be sometimes.  I’ve found a few dad blogs which have managed to get the right tone of humour alongside other more serious articles.   Being a parent is not easy and writing about it even less so, particularly when what you write is very personal to you.

This is one dad that was born to write entertaining articles.  One of his main issues at the moment is turning 40 and, combined with parenting and his teaching work, he manages to bring the best out of every situation.  His post on his birthday questioned if he should feel bad about the big 4-0 as so many people seem to think he should.  As anyone with children knows, there are bigger issues to deal with, so one more birthday will never make that much of a difference.  His question and answer session is also very helpful for his readers to get to know him.

Because the writer of this blog has a background in sports writing, this is always a great site to read.  He entertains even in the face of serious issues such as autism and depression.   I love the review of a kids’ film where he uses the opinions of his children to put it together – after all, children can be the harshest critics!  This blog also has the added bonus of tackling a number of issues that are not related to parenting, so you do not have to be a mum or dad to relate to what has been said.   Check out his ‘where do I belong’ blog post, where he tries to determine exactly what sort of a writer he is – then comes to the conclusion that he fits neatly into more than one category.  By the end, you will find yourself nodding in agreement.

Here is a blog that every parent can relate to, and the humour is there in spades.  Flatpackdad talks about parenting and DIY –you initially get the impression that he loves this sort of hobby, but he tries to make out that it is the bane of his life.  Anyone with a DIY enthusiast in the house will be reading this blog along with him, as so many of the stories and scenarios are played out in homes up and down the country every weekend and bank holiday.  If you share your home with someone who can’t resist hammering and drilling at every opportunity, then this is the one for you.

I’ve tried to do something similar with my own ‘mum’ blog, and I hope that those who read it are able to see the humour in it.  As these dads show, it doesn’t matter what happens during the day, there are laughs there, and it is far better to laugh than to cry.