What a Single Mom Does With Her Fingers

My fingers were helplessly trembling as I held it in my clammy hands.  It was just the right size- not too big, not too small.  As I touched it, I felt the excitement building up inside me even more.  I was up all night playing with it.  Varying sensations ran through my body as I imagined the happiness it would bring me in the coming days.  That’s how wonderful I felt when I had my first… cellphone!

That was fourteen years ago, I think.  I saved up enough money to get my first mobile phone.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.  I loved how I could get in touch with friends near or far with just a few presses on the buttons.  I almost got calloused hands from all the endless texting.

Fast forward to today, I am a single mom with nothing better to do with her fingers.  The mobile phone still continues to be a reliable and steadfast companion.  When I come home from work, seriously craving for some adult conversation, I’d grab my phone and text a few of my friends.

I’m thankful that cellphones come with other nifty accessories.  For instance, I love to listen to 80’s music as I go about and do the household chores, so my mobile headset has likewise proven to be an indispensable tool for me.  I can listen to my favorite Tears for Fears tunes without having my daughter raise her eyebrows at me.

Whenever my daughter’s away at her dad’s for the weekend, I miss her so much that I find myself calling or texting her almost every hour or so.   Sometimes I wish I had one of those inconspicuous spy headphones, so I can listen in on what goes on at the ex-in laws’ house.  Well, that’s just me when I’m bored.

If I had the chance to get any new mobile phone accessory, it might have to be a good gsm booster.  The signal at our place tends to get a little funky at times, right when I’m in the middle of a serious discussion with a girlfriend.  Talk about perfect timing!  I simply cannot have an erratic signal when I’m trying to get a point across.

Mobile technology certainly has come a long way.  I can’t imagine how I as a single mom could live without a cellphone and other mobile accessories.  I’d be disconnected from the people I love.  Totally unacceptable!