Gift-Giving Etiquette For Any Occasion

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If my calculations are correct, there’s only about 70 days to go before Christmas.  You can feel that the most wonderful time of the year is upon us, as people troop to the malls, carefully scouring the shops for the perfect gifts to give their loved ones.   Gift-giving is a time-honored tradition which we take seriously.  In the midst of all the fun and revelry of the season, let’s keep in mind the following etiquette when it comes to giving gifts- for whatever occasion:

Gift receipts.  No matter how much you love your boyfriend, sometimes you still can’t quite figure out his exact shirt size.  If you ask for a gift receipt from the shop where you got his shirt, he can exchange it for a bigger- or smaller- size in case the one you gave him doesn’t fit.  Just throw in the gift receipt with the gift.  It’s a small gesture which shows thoughtfulness.

Giving gifts to the boss.  Whether she’s Cruella Deville in the flesh, or a Mother Teresa reincarnate, you may feel compelled to spread cheer and give your boss a present.  If your company has guidelines strictly prohibiting you from giving gifts to your superiors, then you should by all means abide by that.  Otherwise, you could pool resources from your co-workers and get your boss a “collective” gift, so to speak.  With all that money, you can get him a really nice gift without burning a hole in your wallet.  This will likewise seem less self-serving.

Asking for cash.  This is something as precarious as walking on egg shells.  You should tread ever so carefully if and when you plan to ask for cash as a present.  Although seemingly inappropriate, you can work around asking for cash by making it sound purposeful.  For example, you can ask family and relatives to only give you cash, as you’re saving money to renovate your house.  And then, when you finally get that done, you can send them a photo with you standing next to your new house.  That’ll give everyone a sense of fulfillment and joy, knowing that they played a major role in the realization of your dream.

Gifts “in absentia”.  If you weren’t able to attend a wedding or birthday party which you were invited to, it’s always a nice gesture to send a gift.  It shows how dear that person is to you, even if you weren’t at the occasion.  Get your friend a fancy gift shipped in one of those Kite packaging gift boxes  to make her feel extra special.

At the end of the day, gift giving is all about the person receiving the gift.  Put a lot of thought into it, and you’ll be making his or her day much brighter.