Gifts Guys Love

“Tis the season to be merry and have money… When Christmas comes around, the cash comes rolling in, and we start racking our brains in search of the perfect present to give our loved ones.  Looking for gifts to give the men in our lives may prove to be quite a daunting task, as we women can sometimes be clueless as to what will truly make them leaping for joy.  Even in gift-giving, the adage of men coming from Mars and women coming from Venus still holds true!  Here’s a quick rundown of gifts men go gaga over (in no particular order):

Gadgets.  Enough said.

Shirts.  Women aren’t the only ones who care about how they look.  Men may not admit it, but they do have hints of vanity flowing through their veins.  Get them something they can wear on a casual date or a nice top to wear to work.  Even a comfy t-shirt will make their day.

Accessories.  The vanity part doesn’t end with shirts.  Men will bowl over a nice watch or one of those sturdy yet fashionable leather wallets.  It ups their look a notch, and boosts their confidence.

Perfume.  Men not only want to look good, they want to smell good.  Get him a fragrance which isn’t overpowering.   It should be just enough to leave you wanting for more.

Tools.  Men are innate Mr. Fix-Its, so a durable tool kit will be useful to them.

A new car.  If you happen to be sitting in the lap of luxury, go ahead and pamper your man with a new car!  Men just love anything on wheels.  If you’re strapped for cash, car accessories will be more than appreciated, nonetheless.

Tickets.  Sports is something men live for.  Get him tickets to his favorite team’s next game.

Men aren’t really that difficult to decipher, I guess.  Just tap into his primal instincts, and you can never go wrong.