Lousy Myths About Head Lice

Photo credit: www.canstockphoto.com

Head lice may not be as common as the common cold (maybe that’s why it’s not called “common lice”… uh oh, here I am, trying to be ruthlessly funny again!), but at some point in their innocent lives, children are bound to catch them. And when they do, it’s definitely one itchy situation. It’s almost a pity to see your little one scratch his head even in his sleep. What are the common misconceptions about head lice?

• Having head lice is an indicator of poor hygiene- As a matter of fact, head lice prefer clean hair over dirty hair, because it’s less greasy and easier to hold on to.

• They fly or jump in the air- Truth is, they don’t. They just have this talent for crawling really fast. You can catch them only when two heads touch each other for some time. You don’t get head lice from the back of a chair. Moreover, it takes constant contact with an infected person to catch it.

• Cutting some of your hair off will get rid of the lice- Live lice and nits stay on the scalp and on the hair close to the scalp, so chopping off hair won’t do the trick.

Prevention is still the best cure here. Make it a habit to constantly check your child’s head for any creepy crawlies.

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