Sexy Sarong Ties for the Summer


Summer is around the corner and so is the desire to soak up the sun and spend a day by the beach or pool. A sarong is a fun, flirty and sexy accessory in case you want to duck into that café for an ice coffee or just walk along the beach while covering some possible ‘trouble’ areas.

If you’re going to don the sarong, be sure to get the perfect sarong tie to keep it securely fastened. Fair Winds Sarongs has a wide variety of colorful, whimsical and elegant sarong ties in several shapes.

Hand painted ties are the perfect pop of color if you’re sporting an all black or white ensemble. Coconut ties, engraved or not, will give you that tropical island feel. Mother of Pearl and Inlaid Golden Shell ties will give a touch of elegance. If those don’t entice you, there are also inlaid cinnamon, shell, and coconut ties in addition to engraved wood ties.

Wrapping the sarong around your waist and fastening the ends through the holes in the tie will give you a fashionable skirt showing off a sexy amount of leg. If you prefer to cover more, wrap the sarong around your back, crossing the ends over your chest. Use the tie to secure it behind your neck. The ties will keep the sarong on, even in the ocean breeze.

Sarong ties from Fair Winds Sarongs are elegant, affordable accessories that will keep your sarong in place and have you looking sexy and confident as you walk the beautiful beaches.


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