When Counting Sheep Doesn’t Count

Any mother will probably agree with me when I say that once you become a mom, sleep becomes a luxury.  Those long hours of sleeping in suddenly become as extinct as Kim Kardashian’s last beau.  Getting those much-needed Z’s becomes a thing of the past.

On most nights, you’ll find me sleeping like a log after a long day of office work, household chores and looking after my kid.  But on some occasions, I do have bouts of insomnia.  I just hate it when that happens.  I feel dead tired, but I can’t seem to fall asleep.  Counting sheep just doesn’t cut it anymore.

I guess it’s because I tend to worry too much- about little and big things.  It’s a nasty habit which I know I should break, but I just can’t help it sometimes.  And it takes its toll on my sleeping habits.  I got to talking to a close friend about this, and he suggested that I take Imovane.  (I think it worked that he didn’t use his low-pitched, salesman voice on me- I just hate it when people sell me things!).

In a nutshell, Imovane is a “hypnotic sedative which blocks out the thoughts and sounds which can keep you from falling asleep at night”.  Sounds promising, doesn’t it?  What it does is it calms the entire body as your brain starts to switch off.  Imovane stops your worries dead in their tracks as it clears your mind of whatever you’re stressing about.

I went over to their website, because I was keenly interested.  It’s interesting that they present not only the benefits of Imovane, but also the possible side effects.  They encourage you to read up first before actually buying their product.

Another good thing is that you can buy Imovane online.  So, as you’re surfing the net for that hot pair of heels, you can simultaneously buy yourself something to put you to sleep.

If your worries are starting to rob you of sleep, you might want to consider taking sleep medication as well.  As long as you exercise caution when popping a pill, you should be fine- and drowsy in no time…