Invisalign Wishes and Caviar Dreams

Love, they say, is lovelier the second time around.  I’m not quite so sure about love, but what I do know is that getting braces is sweeter the second time around.  I have had the (un)fortunate fate of needing to wear braces twice in this lifetime, and although I had to go through its ups and downs- and lefts and rights- once more, it was all worth it.

My metal-mouthed saga began some 20 years ago, when my insecurity got the better of me.  I was in high school then, feeling helplessly self-conscious of my crooked front teeth.  Of all the teeth which could possibly be misaligned, it just had to be my front teeth.  All my photos showed me with a tight-lipped smile.  I looked like a freak with a bad collagen lip injection.

I finally got my mom to get me braces, despite the cost.  Anyone who’s ever had to wear braces would know what I’m talking about when I say that the initial pain was almost too much to bear.  I couldn’t eat, let alone touch my teeth with my tongue without feeling a shooting pain.  I had to eat mashed bananas and have everything go straight from mouth down to throat.

After a year of religious visits to the orthodontist, my teeth showed remarkable improvement, as I was finally able to show off my pearly whites in a confident prom-picture-worthy smile.  I threw caution to the wind and barely wore the retainer.  Years later, my teeth went back to their crooked glory.

There was no use crying over spilt milk, so I resolved to undertake another tooth-straightening venture.  This time, I was going to do it right and not put all the money and effort to waste.  So, once more, I found myself with steely brackets and bands.

With the advent of more inconspicuous teeth-straightening technology, we adults can straighten our teeth without others even noticing.  If I knew then what I know now, I would’ve pooled my resources and immediately booked an appointment with a dentist from Invisalign NYC.  I would’ve been a more self-assured adult who didn’t have to worry about food lodged in between brackets while in the middle of a corporate meeting.

Even if I didn’t get to experience 21st century teeth-straightening technology first-hand, I’m still happy that I’m finally wearing the smile that I’ve always dreamed of.  The braces are off, and the dazzling smile is on!


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