Assigning Responsibility: Kids Need Chores

One of the difficulties of being a parent is to get their child to do chores at home. As we know, assigning chores educates kids to have a sense of responsibility; it would also make them feel that they play a vital role at home. But getting them to do it is the hard part, since they are kids after all; their attention is with all play and games. Though parents are happy seeing children play and interact with others, it is more fulfilling to know and see that their kids do their share of tasks at home.

Starting to let them do chores at home will prepare them for life. They won’t appreciate it today but they will, as they grow older. Since they are young, better start with light chores.

Nobody’s perfect, so if they make a mistake don’t scold – they’re just kids.

Make sure that there’s a regular schedule of their work, to keep things at a routine. In that way, it will help them remember their roles.

The parents who are the role model of the child should make sure to introduce the meaning of teamwork; that more can be accomplished by working together, rather than working as an individual. It’s not necessary to give a reward to kids who have completed doing the tasks that their parents assigned. Gold stars and smiley faces when the tasks are finished are fine. Take note that we are teaching them about responsibility, there’s no need for praises or rewards as we are trying to nurture the satisfaction of getting a task done and an awareness in doing what is right.

This is a guest post by Ciel, a photography enthusiast and an article contributor. She hopes to travel the world someday and show it through photographs. Her current task is writing for gulvafslibning, which discusses about floor sanding.