Mommy Red Flag: The Beginnings of Domestic Violence

Pop quiz: Who said the following… “I like to fight her because I don’t want to fall in love with her!  She’s so pretty.”

  1. The neighbor with the unshaved chin and maniacal laugh.
  2. Brad Pitt
  3. A 5-year old boy at school.

If you answered C, you’re right.  I felt my jaw drop and couldn’t believe it myself when I heard that boy say that after slapping a cute little girl smack in the face, making her cry and fall to the floor.  Turns out, he does this on a regular basis.  On one occasion, one of the teachers caught him relentlessly punching that same little girl in the face.

This leaves me utterly stunned, dumbfounded.  I couldn’t make sense of what happened.  I don’t have a degree in Psychology, so I’m clueless about the reason behind that boy’s behavior.  I don’t really feel like Googling this right now…

I am a mother to a girl, and I can’t imagine someone doing that to her.  Just thinking about it sends my blood pressure soaring.

On the other hand, I also pity the boy.  His behavior may be a result of some past traumatic experience.  Could he have special needs which haven’t been addressed?  I reckon this boy has the makings of a future wife-batterer.  Do they really start off this young?  Maybe.  Parents should probably catch this behavior early, and start an intervention plan of action or something.

This is a real eye-opener.  As parents, we should be more vigilant about our children’s behavior.    It’s time to reassess how we are at home and the possible stimuli they get from their social and physical environment.