Will You Make Your Last Will?

When somebody close to me retired, she casually mentioned that she was working on her will.

Personally, I never thought that it was something I would do, but I guess it’s always wise to plan ahead. I don’t think anyone enjoys thinking about death, but my friend probably did not want her family to have the burden of trying to divide their possessions during a difficult time. Since she has retired, she has been living on a fixed income. She wanted to make a quality Texas last will and testament without spending a lot of money.

Thankfully, she discovered MyTexasWills.com. This incredible website provided everything that she needed to make her end of life wishes official. She did not want to waste time on documents that would be worthless, so she was pleased to find out that all Texas courts accept the documents created by My Texas Wills.

Once she placed her order, she was surprised to receive the documents in just a few hours. Since she had never made a will before, she had a lot of questions. She wanted to make sure that she was not making any serious errors. Fortunately, My Texas Wills included a complimentary phone consultation with an attorney along with the paperwork. The attorney that she spoke to was knowledgeable and polite, and he was able to address all of her questions and concerns in just one phone call.

Once her Texas last will and testament was complete, she felt a sense of relief that the task was finished.  Thinking about the future can really bring on dark clouds on an otherwise sunny day, but sometimes, we have to plan and think ahead- if only for the sake of the ones we’ll leave behind.