Feed the Need: How to Give Your Child the Affection He Needs

There’s one glaring reason I listen to PSY’s Gangnam song and One Direction’s tracks:  I love my daughter.  Whatever she likes, I like more.  I find myself helplessly drawn to anything and everything she fancies.

But loving our kids isn’t just about listening to their music and watching their favorite TV shows.  It’s also about being demonstrative with our feelings for them.  Do you sometimes wonder why they act up?  It’s because they clamor for your attention and affection.  If you rub your pet dog’s hair, shouldn’t you do the same to your kid?  It’s one thing for them to know that we love them, but it’s an entirely different ballgame when we SHOW them that.

Showing your kid affection isn’t all that difficult.  There are a lot of ways to do that.

Time for tenderness.  In a day, there are numerous opportunities to sprinkle your kid with some tenderness.  I personally enjoy braiding my daughter’s hair while chatting with her.  That simple gesture of my fingers brushing through her hair sends off a million love signals.  Even just getting them dressed for school or tucking them into bed at night assures them of your steadfast love.

Make remembrances.  Even when you’re away, you can still show your kid the affection he needs.  You can make him a collage of your trip.  Or if it’s your kid who’s leaving, you can sneak in a note inside his bag.

The power of hugs.  Hug your kid in the best of times, and even in the worst of times.  No matter how busy you are, you can always give your kid a quick hug- even in the middle of doing the laundry.  The bigger challenge is in hugging her after you’ve just told her off about something she’s done.  That helps melt away the anger, and reconnects you with that tiny creature who you love so dearly.

When you show your kid you love him, you help build his self-esteem.  He grows up more equipped to take on any curveball life may throw at him.

So, kiss and hug away.  Because the best things in life are free.