How to get your man to listen

The most common root of all arguments between a man and a woman is when the woman feels neglected when she feels her man isn’t listening to what she has to say. When the man starts zoning out as she’s talking, molehills turn into mountains, as little disagreements helplessly get blown out of proportion. This is yet another one of those “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” issues. So, what are the effective ways to get your man to listen? For the love of bullets, here’s a brief list:

  • First of all, decide if the topic you want to bring up is of interest to him. If you want to merely rant about that hairdresser who picked the wrong hair color for you, then it’s best to save that for your next night out with the girls.
  • Guys just hate it when you beat around the bush. We are well aware that they have short attention spans.
  • Get to the point. Sure, you want to vent, but you must keep in mind that guys are natural problem-solvers. They’d rather you told them upfront what it was they can do to help you feel better. It’s best to come to them with a line like, “Baby, I need you to help me with this…” This makes them feel that you have faith in their capacity to solve your problem.
  • Men are visual beings (as if you didn’t already know!). It wouldn’t hurt if you approached him with your problem while you’re in your sexy tank top. That, coupled with a come-hither look will surely keep his attention for a reasonable amount of time.
  • Timing is everything. Be careful not to initiate talking to him while he’s at work, or on his way to work, or when he just got home from work. And the most sacred of all rules, is never to interrupt while he’s watching his favorite game on TV. It’s best to wait when he’s in a better mood, like in the car, while he’s driving.

It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that men are easily distracted. In order to get him to listen, no, it’s not high time to get out the ball and chain. The key is to keep his interest in what you have to say…and of course, in how you look.