5 Signs He Is Into You

Men are as undecipherable as the hieroglyphics of ancient Egypt. Their minds are a tough nut to crack, as they often find it difficult to express how they feel. Having said that, we women still fall head over high heels for them. Under the steady gaze of our man, our knees couldn’t help but melt like polar ice caps under a slightly ozone-depleted atmosphere.

Since men are beings of the un-vocal kind, how do we know exactly how they feel when we’re with them (or without them?)? Here are some signs that your man is really into you:

1. Even if his morning is ruined when he runs a flat tire, he still finds a way to see you, sweaty armpits and all!
2. Twenty minutes after dropping you off from your quick morning date together, he calls to say sorry for forgetting to buy you ice cream.
3. He patiently pushes the grocery cart behind you as you take time scouring the supermarket aisles for that fairly cheap bag of chips.
4. Even if your body pales in comparison to Kim Kardashian’s, he still texts you first thing in the morning to say you are drop-dead gorgeous.
5. Seconds after you get a missed call from him, he puts Stevie Wonder to shame by texting that he just called to say “I love you”.

Men have their ways of showing us that they love us. Ultimately, it will be up to us, the recipient, to decipher if they are sincere in their affections and gestures towards us. If you feel that your man really is into you, then return the favor and make him feel appreciated for his efforts. That boosts their ego, and makes them feel like a million bucks!

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