My Unwritten Dream


There’s a fairly good reason why my favorite subject back in school was Math.  The answer is either wrong or right, no gray area whatsoever.  It’s an exact science.

When it came to essay writing though, I remember being a bit on the edge of my seat on most occasions.  The thought of writing term papers loomed over me like dark clouds on an otherwise sunny day.

Sure, I had a million and one thoughts racing through my head, waiting for the chance to be immortalized in print, but the problem was in organizing them.  I’d jump from one topic to the next, as I wasted so much paper and made my pinky sore from typing on the typewriter (Yes, it was that long ago!).  I wanted to impress my teachers so much, that if it was available then, I would have enlisted the help of a professional writing service such as Essay Site to give me that stellar manuscript I so desired.

That almost makes me wonder why I’m now sucked into the realm of blogging.  My writing may still be far from stellar, but I do enjoy what I do.  I’ll just keep pushing myself to become a better writer and who knows, that first novel may just be waiting in the wings…