5 Habits of Highly Harried Moms

If you feel like you’re Julie Andrews, running through the hills singing at the top of your voice, then you are most probably dreaming.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s almost impossible for us moms to simply throw caution to the wind and romp about aimlessly.  Every nook and cranny of our brain is preoccupied with thoughts of a thousand and one chores and office reports.  With our busy lifestyles, we all too often make mountains out of molehills and worry over the littlest things.  Tiny issues escalate into humungous problems which precariously overwhelm us.  Here are some of the habits of highly stressed moms:

Putting oneself last.  It’s almost inherent in moms to put themselves at the bottom of their priorities list.  Without batting an un-mascaraed eyelash, you’d gladly give up a tall cup of frapuccino for a hotdog for your kid.  When you put the needs of others before you, sure it’s an unspoken token of love, but in the end, your sanity pays the price for it.  Don’t be surprised if giving up that night out with the girls to look after your toddler subconsciously makes you cranky.

Zero recreation.  Everybody deserves a break from the humdrum of daily life.  I’m not saying that looking after your kids is humdrum.  It’s just that once in a while, it is refreshing to indulge in whatever it is you love to do.  Something as simple as a quick walk around the block will help refresh your soul.   Think exercise, hobbies, getting together with friends.

Worry worship.  Moms who are overly agitated tend to put worry on a pedestal.  If you fret too much about the future- and every minute thing in the present- you end up harassing yourself with unnecessary problems.  Remember, worry is a useless emotion because there’s only so much about the future we have control over.

Watching too much TV.  It’s absolutely pathetic to waste your time in front of the TV, what with all the mixed subliminal messages TV shows send their viewers.  Even a show seemingly as harmless as Glee can make you want things you can’t have.   Seeing Lisa Kudrow do mom roles in movies is a clear reminder that worthwhile shows such as Friends are a thing of the past.   Well, if you must watch TV, do it moderately.  You can instead spend some of your free time doing relaxing things such as reading a good book, or even knitting if you’re up to it.  Doing calming activities help make you mindful of the present moment, thus taking your mind away from useless worry.

Doing too much too soon.  Because we moms want to achieve a lot of things in as little time possible, we tend to overwork ourselves to the extent of burnout.  The key is in breaking things down into bite-size chunks.  Tackle one task or goal at a time, and your blood pressure wouldn’t have to pay the price.

If you want a major mindset overhaul, you can start to try banishing the above habits from your system.  Nobody said it was easy, but it is possible if you put your mind to it. Ultimately, your husband and kids will benefit from a happier you.  It’s an excellent way to start the new year, don’t you think?