Naturopathic Pediatrics: The Better Alternative

Just a week after my daughter got out of the hospital, she’s sick again- this time it’s fever because of a bad cough with asthma.  Sometimes I wish I took up medicine in college and knew everything about pediatrics and stuff.  Now I’m afraid my daughter has had way too many antibiotics that they’re sooner or later going to take their toll on her overall health.  The antibiotic monster is slowly gnawing its way through her body.  Poor kid.

A close friend suggested taking the alternative medicine route.  Previously, her sons also had frequent bouts of cough and colds, but after she took them to see this naturopathic doctor, they just got better.  They no longer had to take rounds of antibiotics just to get well.

She had me at naturopathic.   I did some research and found out that naturopathic physicians help restore the balance in the body using natural supplements and herbs which do not compromise the immune system.  The constant use of antibiotics creates an imbalance in the system, and leads to more illnesses down the line.

If I lived in Arizona, I wouldn’t waste a single minute and quickly look around for the best naturopathic pediatrician phoenix has to offer.  First on our priorities list as parents is the health of our kids.  If we start dealing with our kids’ illnesses the natural way, they will end up living healthier and happier lives.  It’s never too late…