Give Your Man Some NFL Love

Like a moth to a flame, men are helplessly drawn to sports.  Interrupt them while they’re watching the game, and you’re setting the stage for World War 3.  Be prepared to duck, for the verbal ammunition can be highly devastating.

Now, there’s a way to get them to snuggle up with you in bed as they keep their eyes glued to the NFL game on TV.  Get them one of those nfl bedding sets.  The first time I saw these bedding sets, I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear.  They’re just downright cute!

If I had a husband, I’m sure he’d hug me so tight if I got him this Green Bay Packers beddings set I saw on the internet.  The whole ensemble consists of a comforter, pillow cases, a bedskirt.   They stay true to the team’s colors, and carry the officially licensed team name and logo.   They even come with matching drapes!  How awesome is that?

What I like about the sheet sets is that they are made of an ultra-fine weave that is much softer and more comfortable than cotton.  It feels silky, warm and is breathable.  The material is resistant to wrinkles and it’s safe to wash in the washing machine.

Men will always love sports.  Give your man anything even remotely resembling that, and you’ve found the key to his heart.