Why You Should Consider Online Dating


Most single men and women think that an online dating website is for those looking for a one-night stand, casual dating, or who are desperate or just plain weird. It’s those people who unwillingly sign up, only to find out that they are completely wrong about dating sites and their members.

Online dating sites are not just for those looking to find a one-night stand or affair. They are also populated by people with serious intentions, and who are simply looking to build long-term relationships with other consenting adults. The ability to list what an individual is looking for (just fun or serious commitment, etc.) can ensure that everyone understands the other person’s intentions and doesn’t get any false pretences about what he or she is looking for.

In addition to this, Internet dating sites are not for the desperate or the weird. They are actually for people who couldn’t find what they’re looking for in their daily lives. Many people don’t want to waste their spare time on countless dates with people who they are not really attracted to, and others may find that they are simply too busy to go on a date with people due to their work schedule. Anyway, there are people from all ages, all walks of life and all cultures on online dating sites, making it an exciting, fun and diverse place to meet new single men and women!

            Free vs. Paid Dating Sites

Once you’ve decided to take the first step in finding your true love or genuine friendship with a person of the opposite sex, you need to determine what dating website(s) to use. There are a great variety of free and paid dating sites available for use in the UK; however, you need to check out the features of each and consider their pluses and minuses.

One thing you have to know is that most of the paid online dating websites offer an “advanced” matching algorithm. While this may sound worth the extra money, you need to remember that neither complex formulae nor computer programs can predict whom your perfect match will be. Moreover, many people find that they are not nearly as successful with their selected matches on dating sites as they are when they browse through a list of singles personally!

            Free dating sites in your area

Free dating websites are the best option for those individuals who are just starting out in the world of online dating, and for those who have been looking for love for a quite while. Online dating sites like BeNaughty.com feature the options most paid dating sites offer at absolutely no cost. Simply log on to BeNaughty or one of the other free dating sites and begin looking at the attractive single men and women near you!

How important is religion for singles dating?

Apart from occupying your time on Sundays or affecting which restaurants you dine in, religion in the early days of dating isn’t usually much of an issue. However, for singles thinking long term, it becomes much more important.

Although the principle religion in Canada is Christianity, many spiritual beliefs are prevalent in the population. When dating, religious singles are likely to fall for people with different beliefs to their own. From appeasing family members, raising children to which holidays you celebrate as a couple, faith will be a vital component of your relationship. Let’s look at how religion affects singles looking for love.


No faith

If you sign up to a dating website like http://www.eharmony.ca/, you can find matches with the same beliefs as you. There’s always a chance you’ll date someone who isn’t spiritual, though. If you have no religion, it can be difficult to understand the importance of someone’s faith. Likewise, if you have beliefs, dating someone who doesn’t can be frustrating.

If the attraction between you is strong enough then it’s possible to compromise. One way to show support is by accompanying your partner to their place of worship.

Levels of observance

In a similar situation to dating someone with no beliefs, there are differing degrees of observance that can present a challenge to singles too. For example, a Jewish man might observe the major holidays but be less strict about other aspects of the faith. His partner on the other hand might be stricter in her beliefs. For Jewish singles that have decided to start dating, this can be a difficult situation. However, it’s important to be understanding of one another’s feelings about their faith.

Do you convert?

Another dilemma that religious singles may have to face – especially if they’re considering marriage – is whether to convert to their partner’s religion. For both sides, this is a big commitment and needs to be discussed openly and honestly. Never assume your partner is willing to covert; they may not be strict but their beliefs are still an important part of who they are.

Raising children


This stage of your relationship is a long way off. However, the key to a long and happy partnership is sharing similar values and aspirations. If things are looking serious, discuss the important issues now, like raising children in a religious household. Your faith is an important part of your identify. Let your children experience your faith but aim to give them a well-balanced view. They might end up facing similar dilemmas as you one day.


Online Dating Tips

If you still think that on one fine day, prince charming will come merrily prancing by your door with a glass slipper in hand, well, it’s time you hit your head with that imaginary glass slipper.  They’re called fairy tales because that’s what they are- just tales.  In the real world, looking for love is as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.  There are hits and misses along the way, and more often than not, they’re mostly misses.

Some say that it’s best to stop looking and just wait for love to find you.  For single moms like me, that’s easier said than done.  It’ll probably be much easier to get Jordan Knight of NKOTB to give me a lap dance than to have true love find me.  If you’re the type who simply can’t sit still and wait for love to happen, then you can start taking matters into your own hands- or fingertips, for that matter.  Try looking for love online.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when going on free dating sites online.

Type up a good profile.  Good is the operative word, not fictitious.  Although it’s so tempting to put on an impressive front behind a cloak of anonymity, don’t take that route if you want to be taken seriously.  Write up your profile in a way that attracts, but not deceives.  Remember to include the qualities which you know are your selling point.  If you don’t mind your man going on boys’ nights out, then put that in as well.  Be clear about what you’re looking for in a partner.  First impressions do last, and your profile will be the basis of that.

Call or email a few times before meeting up.  Women tend to fall in love head first.  They make slightly unwise judgments when emotions run high during the initial stages of dating.  If you give yourself the chance to communicate with the man by email or phone before meeting in person, you can get a better grip on things.  You can get a sense of the man’s personality beforehand.

Suffice it to say, this venture is not for the faint of heart.  Well, anytime anybody dips his toes in the pool of love is in for a ride.  Just exercise caution and things should work out just fine.  Who knows, you just might find love at first terabyte (oooh, that sounded way too corny even for me!).