The Lady Who Shops Like a Man

Make no mistake about it, I’m all woman, from head to toenail.  Although a slight spike in androgen levels has made me a bit hairier in some parts, I’m pretty much your average Jane.  But unlike most women who spend hours scouring mall shops just to look for the perfect dress, I usually go for the first thing I find in the mall- a man trait, I know!  I find that I easily get tired searching high and low for the perfect dress, that I often just settle for the first “wearable” thing I see.

When it comes to picking out items to give as gifts, though, I take a little more time to choose the perfect present.  Naturally, I’d want the person receiving the gift to love and cherish whatever it is I decide to give him or her.  If you happen to find somebody with an item in each hand, talking to herself inside a shop, that’s me, debating as to which is the better gift to give.

Imagine my delight when I discovered a website that opens my eyes to various possibilities for presents without making me break up a sweat in hopping from one mall store to another.   It’s a site which searches current catalogues, as it highlights sales and special offers from retailers.  Lasoo makes it easy to look for advertised products, so you’re sure you’ll never miss a sale.  All you have left to do is to step into the store and buy your item-  or you can always buy it online.  That eliminates the need for me to go through a chemmart pharmacy catalogue to look for medication to ease my stress!

Mr. Significant Other’s birthday is coming up, so I wasted no time in sifting through Lasoo, and found a power drill to give him as a present.  On the website, I was able to compare prices with other similar products, so I guess I did get a good deal.   I just hope he likes it.