Magic at

If you happen to be a used car salesman, now’s the best time to strike up a deal with me, as I’ve noticed that for the past few days, I am easily persuaded by most people.  Just last night, I was talking on the phone with an old friend who now lives in Florida, and she effortlessly was able to convince me to visit her in Orlando for a vacation next year.  When I told my daughter about this, she nearly shrieked with excitement.  I had to keep myself from screaming along with her.

First thing on our itinerary would of course be Walt Disney World.  My daughter claims to love Mickey and the gang to the moon, I love them to the four quadrants of the galaxy!  I’m every bit a fan of them, even more than she is, I guess.  Seeing our favorite Disney characters while going on all the fun rides will just be a blast.

And how can we not go to Universal Studios? My daughter’s a bit of a Harry Potter fan, so she’s sure to love that.

My friend says, we don’t have to worry about accommodations, as there are lots of Hotels on International Drive to choose from.   There’s even one, she says, which offers a Kids Eat Free Program, and it’s located next to the world’s largest McDonald’s.  That I got to see!  Staying on International Drive, they say, is a total experience.  The place is peppered with a lot of restaurants and shopping centers.  This is Orlando’s hub of activity.

As I navigate through the pages of, I am all the more convinced that Orlando is the perfect vacation place for my daughter and me.  We all need to escape from the daily grind, and with the many things to do and places to see in Orlando, I’m sure that there will never be a dull moment.  That will be our first trip out of the country, so it will be an adventure in a totally different realm for us.  Now, that’s what I call Orlando magic!