Five Suggestions for Finding a Pediatric Dentist

Finding a new dentist when you need one can be very difficult. Looking for a good kids’ dentist is even more complicated. A regular dentist may choose to treat children, but that doesn’t mean he or she is a pediatric dentist. The American Dental Association (ADA) has a different accreditation for a pediatric dentist. This means that the tests and standards that a doctor must take and follow are specifically geared to treating children.

That said, every pediatric dentist is different. One might be great for the needs and personalities of one family but not work well with another. Finding a good kids’ dentist for your family may take a little research on your part, but it will be well worth the effort. Following are five suggestions to help your search for pediatric dentistry in Simi Valley.

  • Ask your pediatrician.
  • Get references from friends.
  • Check online resources.
  • Look at reviews online.
  • Visit the office.

Ask Your Pediatrician

A great resource is your children’s pediatrician. Their doctor and nursing staff will be familiar with your children’s specific needs and personalities. With that information they might be able to give a good recommendation.

Get References from Friends

Check with friends and coworkers who have children. Find out who they go to, who they have gone to, and who they would avoid. Ask specific questions about what a particular dentist does that they like and dislike.

Check Online Resources

There are online resources that have a list of pediatric dentists. For instance, a great resource is the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Their website has a search feature that will pull up a list of doctors affiliated with their association in your area.

Look at Online Reviews

Before you settle on a specific doctor, check the online reviews. Individuals often leave very valuable feedback about their experiences with a certain dentist. Because these reviews are fairly anonymous, they can contain valuable information.

Visit the Office

Finally, as part of your search for pediatric dentistry in Simi Valley, go visit the clinic or office that you are interested in. Make an appointment to meet the staff and doctor. Go prepared with a list of questions that will help you determine proper fit.

The Advantages of Seeing a Children’s Dentist

Have you ever looked at the signs of dental offices and seen some that say “pediatric dentist”? Do you know what the difference is between a children’s dentist in Fresno and a general dentist? Many people do not know what sets apart a children’s dentist from a general dentist, but there are many advantages with going to a pediatric dentist. Read on to find out why many people choose to go with a pediatric dentist for their kids.

Extra Training

A pediatric dentist goes to medical school just like a general dentist, but after that schooling, a pediatric dentist will go to two extra years of schooling to get training to work with children. They understand more about dental issues that deal specifically with children such as monitoring baby teeth and teaching proper tooth hygiene. Some of their treatments include infant oral exams, preventative dental care, tooth defect care, and dental care for special needs children.

Smaller Equipment

It should come as no surprise that children are smaller, so it makes sense that children would also need smaller equipment. A pediatric dentist has smaller bite wings for x-rays. There are smaller chairs for kids to sit in. Kids can enjoy smaller dental instruments that fit in their mouths easier. It makes the dental experience easier for kids. Dentists can also treat children easier with these smaller instruments.

Love of Kids

One of the main differences with pediatric dentists is their love of kids. If they didn’t love kids, why would a pediatric dentist go to two extra years of school just so they can work with children? In a pediatric dentist’s office there are more toys, the office is more kid-friendly, and the staff is used to working with children. Most kids actually look forward to going to the dentist when the office is a fun place to be.

If you have young children, children with disabilities, or even adolescents, a children’s dentist in Fresno can provide dental care that will help your child to love the dentist. It will instill a love of caring for their teeth and a desire to continue to visit the dentist.