Introducing photography to your kids

If you feel your little one has grown tired of his crayons, poster paint and clay, take consolation in the fact that there is still another option out there to enhance his or her creativity: photography. Don’t be too quick to think that this is a hobby best left to adults. You’d be amazed to see how even your preschooler can handle a point-and-shoot with unbelievable skill.

photo by Google Images

For your preschooler, you don’t need to get him a DSLR or any of those other fancy photography equipment. You can start with any old 2-megapixel digital camera with automatic settings. If you feel you’ve got a few extra bucks to spare, go get him one of those shatter-proof digital cameras made especially for kids.

To start with, tell your 5 or 6-year old to stay still while holding the camera. Tell him to make sure that the subject of the photo is in the finder. Gradually introduce basic principles like taking pictures with the right distance from the subject, lighting basics, etc. Remind him to keep the camera inside its case when not in use.

You can start with animals or scenery as subjects. His active pet hamster could be a willing model for a photoshoot. When you go on a picnic with your kid, encourage him to take snapshots of the scenery, or even of still life like fruits in a basket or a huge rock by a tree.

It’s never too early to introduce your little kid to photography. When you teach your child how to take good pictures, you teach him a skill which develops his independence, creativity, and at the same time, helps him value life’s precious memories.