The Refrigerator – A Must-Clean Kitchen Essential

The refrigerator is a very important piece of equipment in the kitchen. As food is essential for our daily sustenance, this is where we store them to keep them fresh.  Usually though, we are not that careful when we put things back in it, like we are when we take food out of it. We are in a mad rush and we just haphazardly throw leftover food inside, leaving them uncovered and putting them in the wrong place. This exposes food to the risk of potential spoilage.

Leaving old food in the refrigerator is a very bad habit. We need to find the time to keep updating the contents of the fridge, tossing out anything that can no longer be eaten. Otherwise very unpleasant smells may come from inside the next time you open your fridge. Not to mention the bacteria that can be growing inside can make the rest of the food very toxic.

When the old food in your fridge are starting to go real bad, you’ll have to do some very essential cleaning at Brent. Here, you will need a few things to help you out. Some insulated bags or a refrigerating box will be very good for storing the food in while you are cleaning the fridge. Rags, water, baking soda, a bucket and a trashcan will also be good to have.

Start by emptying the fridge and organizing the food in the bags or inside a spare fridge if you have one, because you don’t want to spoil the food while you are cleaning. Once they’ve all been taken out, you can separate the stuff which are still good for consumption from the stuff that have already expired.  You can throw them directly in the trash can. So when you start putting things back in the refrigerator you will only have fresh food left.

Next you can dismantle all removable parts, like shelves and drawers. This will leave you with enough empty space that will let you clean easy and fast Guildford.

Wash the shelves and the drawers in the tub or the sink. They should be washed only with the usual dishwashing detergent and hot water. Be sure to dry them thoroughly after that, so they look clean with no water marks.

For the interior of the fridge you have to prepare a mixture of a quarter of a cup of baking soda and four cups of water. Baking soda is known to make miracles with cleaning, and it is something that can easily be found in every home. In case you want to add a nice fragrance to the fridge, put some soap in the mixture, but be sure to rinse well afterwards, to get rid of any residue.  Use a cloth dipped in the mixture to clean all inside parts.

Around the doors, you can often find traces of mildew. You can get rid of them by using the same mixture you used for the other parts of the fridge, only that you have to scrub harder this time.

Once you are sure you have completely dried every part of the refrigerator, you can start putting the shelves and drawers back in place and sort the food inside.