Traveling With Kids: Things to Remember

Life is a highway, and I want to ride it all night long- sure, as long as I don’t have a bunch of attention-deprived kids screaming in the backseat as I drive!  It’s a breath of fresh air to finally have gotten them to agree to step out of the house, put down the Wii console, and venture into places we’ve never been before, but with their short attention spans taking over, I can hardly keep my eye on the road without having to glance at the rearview mirror to see if the kids are ok.  Thank heavens I read about The Guardian 50 tips for travelling with kids the night before.  A single mom like me does get by with a little help from online articles.

The key to surviving long road trips with children is to keep them entertained.   Try popping in that Barney CD, even your ears hurt from listening to it over and over again.  Play I Spy and other classic car games.    It also helps to travel at night, so the kids will nap most of the way.

If motion sickness gets the better of your kids, open a window and do keep a bag ready- just in case.  Try preventing untoward incidents by making sure everyone in the family isn’t hungry or thirsty.

To save on travel time, plan your trip ahead and take the shortest route possible.  Ask around for any ongoing roadwork, so you can take alternate routes.

It goes without saying that safety is an important concern when travelling with kids.  That Direct gov using a seat belt advisory can be put to good use this time.  Tell your kids to buckle up, even if that means arm-wrestling them just to have your way.

Be a responsible parent and make sure that your car is in tiptop, roadworthy condition.  Check the brakes, lights, water, oil, etc.  Be sure that you have car insurance, to help keep your mind at ease, in case of any eventuality.

Near or far, travelling with kids is always a worthwhile experience.  They learn things which they normally wouldn’t in the confines of the four walls of the classroom.  Travel opens up a whole world of discovery for them.  You get to see aspects of their personality you’ve never seen before, and you yourself inevitably get to unleash certain facets of your persona which only traveling with your children manages to bring out.  It’s a win-win situation, so go ahead, pack your bags, be like Dora the Explorer and travel the world!