The Benefits of Children Playing an Instrument

Most parents are going to want to introduce their child to music at an early age in the form of piano lessons or perhaps teaching them how to play the guitar. There are some things that you can do that will help to increase the success that your child will experience during these beginner piano or guitar lessons. Of course, the more you help your child to enjoy music and an early age, the more likely it is going to be that they will stick with the lessons and really excel in playing the instrument (Source: Piano Lessons by Music Teachers Network). This will not only help them to have an appreciation for music at an early age, it will also help them to enjoy music in their life throughout their lifetime.

Regardless of whether you are trying to teach them piano or if you are giving them beginner guitar lessons, it is important to choose a teacher that is going to work well with them. You need to make a decision as to whether they are going to take the lessons in your home or if they are going to be taking them at the home of the instructor.

In most cases, it is a better idea if your child is able to take the lesson in the comfort of their home, because it will make it more enjoyable. It also gives them the opportunity to relax and be themselves, particularly because they are with an adult that they trust. Of course, not all parents are going to have the opportunity to teach the child in the home, but when it is possible, you may find that it is to the benefit of the child.


While we’re on the topic of music and kids, why don’t you check out this spunky Bachelor Mum’s post on how music brings harmony to children’s minds.

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  1. Thank you for the tips Pepper. I’m considering to have my son learn the guitar when he’s old enough. I can see that even at a young age, he’s interested in it. Thanks fro dropping by my blog and following! You’re the first! :D

  2. Hi pepper great advice on playing an instrument. I’m all for it. This is also a great opportunity for us to share our posts – mine on how music harmonsies our kids’ minds and yours on playing an instrument. wanna link them?

  3. so true! We have a college student coming to our house to teach our oldest. That way, it’s not too formal and she knows some cool tunes (think Star Wars theme music etc), so Big A loves it!

  4. My 3 y.o. has been playing with his toy guitar for over a year now. He likes to copy Raffi while singing Baby Beluga. Hopefully, hell be interested to learn to play a real guitar when he is old enough. :)

  5. I started piano when I was about 9. I dreaded the Schmidt exercises, and the practice. I completed all levels until grade 8 at the Trinity College of Music London, and then moved away from home so that i dont play classical much now. I hated class when I was little, but when I was older, I enjoyed it so much more and I’m so glad I stuck to it. now when i’m home, I dont play much classical, but I play random songs, and being on the piano makes me very happy. It’s a space you carve out for yourself. I’m so happy my parents made me continue and, more importantly, I didnt give up. Learning an instrument is a learning tool for life.

  6. My daughter wants to start piano- just need to find a time with soccer going on now too.

  7. I’m glad my son’s music classes in school involve learning how to play an instrument. I can see he enjoys it a lot. :)

  8. Samantha Bangayan says

    So this is why I love music! I had a really understanding and patient teacher who made piano fun, *and* I learned in my own home! =) Thanks for pointing out these tips for the future, Pepper!

  9. Florence Mariano (@onegutsymom) says

    I agree with your post and I really wish we have all the time to teach them personally. Although I don’t really mind if it’s an instrument..whatever attracts her interest would be fine.

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