The Dangers of Third-Hand Smoke

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We’ve all heard about second-hand smoke, but I guess, not really a lot of people are aware of third-hand smoke. Hmmm, sometimes makes you think that there should be a “second-aid kit” as a natural progression from first aid…Anyways…

So, what is third-hand smoke? Long after second-hand smoke has escaped from a room, third-hand smoke refers to the invisible yet toxic particles of gas which cling to a person’s hair, clothes and even furniture. This is exactly what we smell if for instance, your office co-worker steps into the elevator with you, right after he’s had his afternoon smoke. This residue contains heavy metals and carcinogens which kids can get on their hands and ingest without their knowing. This is especially true if they love to crawl or play on the floor. The living room carpet all of a sudden transforms into a huge cancer risk.

For the sake of our children, and other non-smokers for that matter, smokers should be more mindful of their smoking habits. If they want to smoke like chimneys, they can go ahead and turn their lungs charcoal-black … just not at the expense of our loved ones.

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  1. just learned about this info and stuffs here mommy pepper. scary :(

  2. Cielo of Brown Pinay says

    quitting smoke is really hard, but if you dont have enough motivation to stop, just think of your kids…

  3. very informative, i only knew about the second hand smoke, meron palang third-hand smoke, well now i know.

    thanks for sharing :)

  4. ay naku yan lagi kong sinasabi sa asawa ko eh, tigas ng ulo. now i forbade him to go inside the room or near me or our son unless he brushes his teeth and wash his face after he smokes.

  5. My mother used to smoke. She’s the only one in the family who’s a smoker. She stopped when she suffered a mild stroke a few years back. There’s really no good in smoking. It affects not just the smokers, but those around them. Thanks for the visit!

  6. Ako i don’t like talaga yon nag smoke ..Baho kasi, hilo ako sa amoy.

  7. Great post! Before reading this, I had never heard of third-hand smoke. Third-hand smoke is just another reason for smokers to stop smoking. If a smoker with children thinks that they are helping their children by smoking in their home when their children are not present, they are actually still harming their children due to the concept of third-hand smoke. When a person smokes, toxins are let into rugs, drapery, and furniture, as Leyla mentioned, as well as into the smoker’s hair and clothing. Additionally, when a smoker comes into contact with their baby (even if they are not smoking) they are still exposing him/her to harmful toxins, and their breast milk can even contain these toxins! Third-hand smoke further suggests the awful dangers of smoking, which not only harms the smoker and the people around them at the time of smoking, but also everyone who is in the presence of the smoker even when they aren’t smoking.

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