The Great Pet Debate

Even if I tried, I couldn’t count with the fingers on my hand the number of times my daughter has egged me to get her a pet. She has done every pleading strategy to get me to say yes to her request, but I simply won’t budge. But it’s hard to say no to the one you love so dearly. So goes the great pet debate between mother and child.

She badly wants a puppy, and doesn’t mind cleaning pet stains on carpet floors, she claims. I contest that the condo admin prohibits pets in the compound. She then asks, but why does she hear barking from the next door neighbor. Before I concede, I negotiate with her and try to ask if we could probably get a pet other than a dog- a goldfish, perhaps? She says she’ll think it over.

As I toy with the idea in my head, I realize that it probably is not so bad for my kid to have a pet. Caring for another living thing teaches one responsibility, and if anything, that certainly builds character. Cleaning up after a puppy or feeding it gives one a sense of selflessness. And of course, this will lead to a loving relationship between my kid and her pet. Since she doesn’t have brothers or sisters, having a pet to play with will make up for it- that’ll spare me the issue of sibling rivalry, for one!

The debate doesn’t end here. I’ll present her with other options: a hamster, maybe. Just no reptiles, please!

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I am a single working mom, trying to raise my kid the best way I know how. Join me as I navigate my way through the jungle that is Single Mom-hood, armed with rose-colored glasses and strength of spirit. As pepper adds spice to food, so does my daughter add spice to my life. She makes life no less than…PEPPERRIFIC!

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  1. Oh, I’ve been having debate out pets too…. but with hubby! I love dogs but I am just not ready to have one yet as I completely know that I will end up doing all the cleaning and walking the dog, etc. Luckily, the debate has subsided (temporarily) as his last argument is that when our little one is big enough and ready to take responsibilities we’re definitely getting one – like he already the last words on this.

    You are right about this will teach your little one to take on responsibilities and care for living things. Plus I read somewhere that people who has pets live longer :) Something about pets particularly dogs, relaxes ones’ body or relieves stress or something to that effect. I know that it’s really fun to play with dogs (my inlaws had one and I’ve always had fun playing with her) but the cleaning part? I already get stressed just by thinking about it heh!

    Spanish Pinay

    • Oh really? People with pets live longer? That’s reassuring :). I’m just not ready for an animal in the house, I guess :)

  2. If there is one thing I know, it’s this: whatever pet you decided to get, be prepared to do all the work yourself. My kids want a pet really badly too, but we just have the time to give a pet the attention it needs. And snakes creep me out; cause they love snakes. Weird kids.:)

  3. Hi Cuz! how about those hermit crabs sold at the mall with painted shells? Don’t know what they’re called though. =)

  4. I had that debate a long time ago kids like to have a dog but when I said to my daughter you will have the responsibility of cleaning the poops well she said ewwww..hahaha so they settled for a gold fish but it was also hard to clean up and everything because it is getting bigger and eventually because it was so hot last summer their pet died and after that they don’t like having pets anymore ;(

    having pets will teach our kids responsibility but they must learn too..because based on my own experience hay..after a week or so..I do the cleaning na..

    Maybe a hamster will do for your cutie baby girl Peps.

    • I’m not too keen on a hamster either hehe… I’ll maybe tell her to just wait until she gets a little older :) thanks

  5. Maybe you and your daughter can do some volunteering at the local animal shelter… Its a part time, no pet stains on the carpet option. win win. :)

  6. WonderBoyMom says

    I can so relate to this! My kid is not yet two, but he’s very active and he absolutely loves pet dogs. Our next door neighbor is a breeder and he keeps wanting to go over to play with them, then when its time to get home, he wouldn’t want to leave without one. But I got my plate full picking up after him, so no thanks! Got him a plant of his own though– so anytime that he gets tired of taking care of it, no problem :)

  7. Puppies are a lot of work but once they get bigger they are so fun for kids. I vote for the puppy!

  8. What about a cat. They don’t usually pee on the carpet, they are easily litter box trained and usually don’t require a lot of maintenance.

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    Definitely it will create a good relation and communication between human and animal.

  10. wow,pets are good friends of us,there there maybee some trouble with always keepping floor,carpet clean,but kids like them.anyway there’s another way to make kids happy.mmm, toys,you got it,remote control flying fish,helicopter,or dolls,any other bang toys!

  11. I have 7 kids and 5 dogs, so let me share some wisdom. At times, my kids have gone through periods when, lets say, they weren’t very nice to one another and didn’t value eachother. The dogs are the one thing that my wife and I have found to bring the kids back together again. Seems like it is easier for them to empathize and show love for their beloved dog than their brother..LOL.
    But, your right about the inevitable….pee on the carpet!

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    It will be good to get her puppy, she will get a good friend and will also learn to take care of it soon.

  13. As a carpet cleaning business owner in Santa Barbara California and a devoted dog lover, I will add my views on this subject. I have had my two dogs since they were puppies and my children love them. They have caused many stains on our carpet over time, but with quality carpet stain protection applied to the carpet and rug as well as upholstery stain protection, most spots can be removed with just plain water. We did have a gold fish as a first pet and this showed the kids what taking care of pets is like. Hope this helps.

  14. I think that letting children have pets helps them mature better as they learn how to take care of a life early on. It inculcates in them a great sense of responsibility that can only be given with the experience of having a pet and not from a book.

    • Yup, it does teach kids responsibility. Their ego boundaries stretch, and they realize that the world revolves not only around them.

  15. my dog ​​pees exclusively on diaper, I am grateful to her for this.

  16. Luckily, the debate has subsided (temporarily) as his last argument is that when our little one is big enough and ready to take responsibilities we’re definitely getting one – like he already the last words on this.

  17. My honest opinion: Just say YES! Right now you’re afraid to have your apartment messed up or that the building doesn’t allow especially if you have a rental. But as soon as you got your pet a few weeks you won’t be able to live without this new family member. It hits everybody also you.

    Also your kid starts to learn to bear responsibility which is very important.

  18. As a married man for 35 years, I add my opinion to this article.
    Pets are a big problem at home and they mess your apartment.From the other
    side they are cute.

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