The Hunt for the Dark Circle Buster

Apologies if you are not an 80’s music fan, but an old ditty inevitably comes to mind right now… “If there’s something weird, in your neighborhood… who you gonna call… Ghostbusters!” No, my house hasn’t been invaded by beings of the poltergeist kind. I just need someone or something to bust these dark circles under my eyes. This problem has been pestering me for ages, and it’s time I took the bull by the horns.

On more than one occasion, I have found myself sporting a raccoon-ish look. And on important days, at that! My perennial quest for an effective dark circle removerhas yet to end. I have searched high and low, near and far (well, maybe not far enough!), but my efforts have proven to be futile.

My room is nearly full with bottles which I rub at night (no, I don’t rub anything else!) with hopes that a genie will magically appear and take all my dark under-eye-circle woes away. My Princess Jasmine stint will have to take a backseat, I guess.

For the meantime, I could try some home remedies like teabags under the eyes, or even frozen spoons pressed against my peepers. I also hear that sleeping with your head slightly elevated helps with blood circulation, keeping water from accumulating under the eyes.

Let it be known that I will be relentless in my pursuit of the best dark circle remover. I know it’s out there somewhere, waiting to be discovered, just like the better half of my soul…

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  1. Hi! When you find the best product or remedy, please do let me know. I’ve had dark circles since forever and I still haven’t found a way to get rid of it. I actually gave up a long time ago. :)

  2. Aaaw, sorry about the dark circles under your eyes. I find that getting a good solid 8hrs rest does help, but the cold spoons do, too. I’ve never tried the tea bags.
    I hope you find good remedy and blog about it!

    Ha ha, I remember ghostbusters and that opening line :)

  3. I use olay total effects anti-ageing eye cream for my eyes worked for me though you won’t see results immediately..have enough to Mr.So it works wonders ehehehee ;)

  4. Samantha Bangayan says

    I seem to have suffered with dark circles since I was a child! =P There’s this classic kindergarten photo of mine in which I look oh-so-happy yet still have these dark circles. =P

    Do let us know if you come up with a solution! =)

  5. Oh my – I must say that I struggle with dark circles for sure! I have used every cream and coverup there is. I’m always game to try a new one though… ;)

  6. wife had the same problem as yours before, but I’ve seen here putting cucumber slices in her eyes. And it seems effective to her. Why don’t you give it a try.

  7. Hi sis,

    I use Garnier Light Anti-Puffiness and Anti-Dark Circle Roll On. It’s not so expensive, I think just around $10. It does wonders for me.

    For a quick and easy fix, try using a concealer and sleep early :)

    Hope you find the right product that will suit for you.

    Ria C

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving too!

  8. I am a huge fan of 80s music and one of our local radio station has a “I love the 80s weekend.” All 80s music all weekend.

    Good luck on help with the dark circles under your eyes.

    Take care…

  9. dark eye circles are gaahhhhh!! I’m also suffering from the exact same problem and it does a really good job of ruining my makeup! haven’t found a solution though :(

  10. I wish listening to 80’s music can erase dark circles lol! Seems a lot of ladies here suffer the same thing. Buti na lang morena ko di masyado halata hahaha! What really bothers me is the eyebags. Getting enough sleep just isn’t the answer to mine. :-(

  11. Macquarie says

    As the other reviewer said i swear by cucumber slices and a little natural yogurt.

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