The Impatient Patient

This weekend, I’m taking a trip which I’m not really too keen on taking.  I’m going back to see the doctor.  It doesn’t matter if he’s good-looking.  I simply dread having to drag myself to the clinic, and wait for hours until the doctor finally arrives.  Sometimes I think the Armageddon is coming before he is.

I wonder why doctors no longer do house calls.  Or do they still do that in some places?  I just hate the fact that despite how miserable you feel, you have to force yourself to make a trip to the doctor- oftentimes alone.  And then you’re left to wait for the doctor like a teenage girl waiting for her prom date.

Before I go and see any kind of doctor though, I make it a point to check out their credentials.   I found this online doctor database with a physician list which pretty much covers all doctors in the country.  It includes their work experience, clinic hours and hospital affiliations.  It’s a bonus when they have their picture posted as well.  That helps me visualize talking to them.  I think it’s good that we have access to this kind of information.

My right nostril is getting stuffy again.  I’m going to rest first- and think about what I’m going to wear to my doctor’s appointment…

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  1. oh sure! Just don’t wear lipstick’coz it might get smeared on your face while he’s checking your nose!! ;)

    • Haha. Thanks for the tip. Can I maybe wear my best perfume instead? The doctor’s quite a looker :)

  2. Yeah wear your best perfume but I hope it won’t make your stuffy nose more stuffed though. Ah, it’s the time of the year…. Let’s dose ourselves with lotsa Vit. c. You take care and hope you get well soon.

  3. Ugh. I just hate waiting at the doctor’s office.

  4. It’s just a good idea to check out their credentials BEFORE visiting them. It can save you A LOT of time, energy, and money.

  5. So it’s not just here you have to wait ages at the Dr’s then?! I can’t stand it either. Why, when you are feeling awful enough that you need to see a Dr. do you have to wait around in a room full of other sick people with little air around you, on uncomfortable seats for what feels like unendless hours. Doesn’t seem right does it?!!! Good luck today with Dr McHotty! I quite fancy my boy’s Dr. always adds a small amount of pleasure when visiting him ha ha.

  6. Optimistic Mom says

    I hope you feel better. And at least you get a Dr. Hottie to see. lol

  7. oh, i don’t know what to say… hubby’s a doctor and yes, he still do home calls for FREE!!! because patients come to our house… though sometimes we get perks from his home calls. and i guess hubby’s an exception, he lets his patients wait for him only because he wants to gather them all first and do consultations one at a time… oh, did i mention that we live in the province, and that’s how life is here… hehehehe… well, at least, even if you have to wait, you get to see a good-looking doctor. LOL! thanks for the visit! get well soon, i have stuffy nose now too!

  8. Kevin from Long Island says

    I have to be dying before I even get close to seeing a doctor. Luckily, I don’t get sick that often, last saw a doctor in 2001 and that was for a compulsory checkup before getting an insurance policy.

    I remember home calls from when I was a kid, the doctor would rock up with his brown leather bag and always pulled out a stethoscope, whatever the problem was.

    • LOL, yup, it always had to be a brown leather bag :).
      Oh, lucky you for not getting sick. I wish I had Iron Man’s heart or something like that.

  9. I hope you enjoyed your appointment :)

    • I went to see a different doctor :). He wasn’t as good looking, but I think he was better than the first.

  10. I can relate to this. I don’t like seeing doctors too, not out of fear, but because seeing a doctor involves a loooong waiting period, even if you have an appointment.

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